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Gianna Ortner-Findlay

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Hill Top Times Editor-In-Chief

This is Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Editor-In-Chief and a senior enrolled here at Rock Hill High School. Originally from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Gianna has lived in Texas for the last nine years, residing in Plano and Prosper, TX. She has been writing creatively since fifth grade and has won awards at a district level for poetry. More recently, she was featured through the Best of SNO, a national journalistic writing website, and hopes to get another story on the site. Besides the newspaper, Gianna also participates in theatre and hopes to be a part of as many productions as she can. This is her third year on staff, and she hopes that it will be her best. Although she can be a little intimidating, she is always open to new people and hopes they feel accepted and welcome. Gianna wants to continue her goal of connecting with her audience through her writing and on the stage and hopes to reach people personally with her work.

All content by Gianna Ortner-Findlay
The logo variations of Meta are meant to showcase the constant reincarnation of the company and its encompassing reach, and was presented at the companies yearly Connect meeting. Rebranding can help refuel any company, digital media teacher Taylor Mersmann said, I think Facebook has gotten into a bit of hot water and they want to change their image. The name change occurred on Oct. 28th, and has come in light of another scandal that the company has befallen.

Opinion- Into the Metaverse

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Editor-In-Chief
November 9, 2021
An inspiring infographic created by improv member and junior Jocelyn Spence invites interested students to try out for the improv troupe. [The goal is] for us to have fun and make people laugh, entertain and give a bright spot to peoples day, tech director and improv troupe sponsor Timothy Doyle said, as for the members, [the goal is] pushing them to think on the spot and expand to other audiences. The auditions for the troupe will be held in the Black Box on Wednesday, Sept. 29th, in room 1502, starting at 4:10 p.m.

Out of The Blue, Wants You

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Editor-In-Chief
September 29, 2021
Senior and Editor-In-Chief Gianna Ortner-Findlay takes a picture of the sunrise on the morning of August 10th. The event took place at the RHHS baseball field, surrounded by evaporating early morning mist. It was really nice getting to connect back with friends I haven’t seen in a while and just get to know how they’ve been and what they’ve been doing with their summer. senior Mckenna Bowman said. Seniors were also able to write letters to their future selves to be given at the end of the year.

Sunrise, Sunset

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Editor-In-Chief
August 15, 2021
A louder volume image outweighs a soft volume image on a scale. In a visual representation of conversations, graphic designer Harvey Watkins shows how the louder voices in society hold more weight. No doubt people who are afraid to share their views miss an important opportunity, junior Kate Carline said. A person has to be open to changing their view when presented new facts.

Opinion- Power of Voice

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Assistant Editor
December 18, 2020
Assistant editor Gianna Ortner-Findlay looks at the Step Team flyer. Students online and in person can join the step team, but all practices will be in person. They (students) can still come on Monday, Ballou said. to kind of feel it out to see if this is something they actually want to do.

Stepping up

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Assistant Editor
October 7, 2020
A fountain at the World Trade Center Memorial flows in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11. Advisor Taylor Mersmann captured this photo Feb. 2015. During the 9/11 attacks, 2,977 people died, Assistant Editor Gianna Ortner-Findlay said. Including 265 passengers and terrorists aboard the four planes.

Rock Hill Remembers

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Assistant Editor
September 11, 2020
Assistant Editor Gianna Ortner-Findlay eagerly awaits the arrival of the VMAs. As well as these artists accomplishments being highlighted, said Ortner-Findlay frontline workers work and accomplishments during the pandemic will be put on display during the awards show. This years VMAs will be streamed across multiple networks, making this the first time that the awards show will be simulcast.

The Show Must Go On

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Assistant Editor
August 30, 2020
Junior Gianna Ortner-Findlay settles in to her newspaper class after making the transition to in-person from her online classes. Prosper ISD planned for a hybrid-learning situation this year with some students attending school virtually and others going in-person. Many of our students are online learners, said Ortner-Findlay. A new task that were becoming accustomed to is the switch between online and in-person classes.

Here or There

Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Assistant Editor
August 28, 2020
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