Rock Hill Media groups prepare to launch broadcast, online newspaper


Photo Credit Grant Johnson

Hill Top News Daily reporter holds a newly-branded microphone in the broadcast studio. All media programs, Hill Top News, Hill Top Times, yearbook and Rock Hill Radio will celebrate Launch Day Tuesday. “Our show recipe is connect and captivate,” senior and broadcast News Director Grant Johnson said. “We want to bring the student body together, and we want to make them engaged in our show and interact with us.”

Haley Medeiros, Editor-in-Chief

Rock Hill Media broadcast, radio, yearbook and online newspaper groups will begin “Launch Day” celebrations Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The programs will hold a full day of brand advertising, including T-Shirt and sticker giveaways.

“I am eager for our student body to get to know our team, and RH Media Launch Day is one way we can showcase just that,” Hill Top Times and Rock Hill Radio advisor Taylor Mersmann said. “Students can expect a morning rally to bring excitement to the Hill Top Times’s website going live and HTN Daily’s first live segment.”

Media students have prepared for the start of the new season since the summer.

“For our show, HTN Daily, we have ditched the traditional set up of two anchors sitting at a desk reading the news to the camera,” senior and broadcast News Director Grant Johnson said. “Instead, we have created a show that is full of personality and relatability with the stories and anchor team.”

The media team will highlight the yearbook staff with a classroom activity.

“In class, teachers will show off their high school yearbooks to memorialize the importance of yearbooks and promote the Blue Hawk Yearbook inaugural book,” Mersmann said. “Great things are happening on the hill, so stay tuned.”

Student editors and leaders brainstormed ideas to bring to the new publications.

“This broadcast is unlike anything I have created in the past or seen from other broadcast programs across the country,” Johnson said. “Our show recipe is connect and captivate. We want to bring the student body together, and we want to make them engaged in our show and interact with us.”

Radio and online newspaper will publish multiple times throughout the week, and broadcast will air daily at the end of third period.

“I’m excited to be a major part of setting up a new newspaper, as we get to make everything from scratch,” junior and HTT Assistant Editor Gianna Ortner-Findlay said. “Students can support the newspaper by visiting the newspaper at and reading the articles that are there.”

Students who are interested in becoming a freelance journalist for any of the RH Media publications can contact Mersmann or Yearbook and Broadcast advisor Margie Raper.

“I am so honored to advise a team of outstanding student journalists and start a new legacy at Rock Hill High School with Hill Top Times and Rock Hill Radio,” Mersmann said. “Our mission is to bring inclusive news that is fully representative of all Blue Hawk students and provide cutting edge stories that will excite all of our readers.”