Rock Hill High School to host second annual prom, themed Casino Royale


Prom Instagram Page

A graphic provided by the Rock Hill Prom Instagram page apprises the prom theme of “Casino Royale” and other information. “It’s something you can share with your friends, future years, anniversaries, eventual spouse, and kids about that occasion,” said Assistant Principal Mr. Terry Mouton. “So this is a special, celebratory moment.” This year’s prom is the second one hosted by the school and is the same night as Prosper High School’s prom.

Dana Garcia, Staff

After ticket sales reached capacity for Rock Hill High School prom, controversy spread that Prosper High School students purchased several tickets limiting the number of Rock Hill students allowed to attend. 

Within the next few days, high school students will celebrate a memorable event. As the end of the year comes by, juniors and seniors will have a “Casino Royale” prom night. The spring 2022 prom will take place at Renaissance Dallas at Plano Legacy West Hotel on Saturday, May 7, from 7:30-11:00 p.m. The maximum capacity for this event space is already full with 600 to 700 students that have already signed up to attend. 

Since both schools, RHHS and PHS, are located in the Prosper Independent School District, everyone is welcome at either prom the district holds. This is a district policy, not an RHHS one. All of the tickets have been purchased for $75 on MySchoolBucks since Mar. 7, 2022. Despite this, tickets are now sold out due to their limited availability. 

“Prosper High students are not the reason we sold out. There were less than a dozen Prosper High students who bought tickets,”said sources from the prom committee. 

In order to keep track of how many tickets are being sold, there is a record of student ID’s that the administrators have a hold of online. On the day of the event, students check in with their IDs. The managing directors would check if you purchased a ticket and what school you attend. 

“If you are a guest, you have to fill out an application in order for that to take place as well. So we know the students that are coming in, and we monitor that at the door,” said Assistant Principal, Mr. Terry Mouton. 

Considering prom is being held at a hotel, the building does have a fire code. Yet, there are spaces available for seniors in order for them to have a spot in their last prom for the school year. Though, they would have to visit either Mr. Mouton or Mr. Stewart to further evaluate. 

“The max amount of tickets that one person can buy is two, from what I understand. It’s usually for you and your guest,” said Mr. Mouton. 

Even if only a few PHS students attend the RH prom, juniors and seniors have the same goal; to have a spectacular time. It’s an opportunity to dress up and remember a memorable night. 

Final voting for this year’s prom king and queen took place on April 28, but will officially be announced at 9:30 p.m., prom night. 

“It’s one last gala event that [seniors] would have before they go off to college. Something that they can cherish for the rest of their lives,” said Mr. Mouton.