A Taste of Los Angeles

Off the streets of Los Angeles, one can see big banners showing them the way to the famous Grand Central Market. “You know there’s so much amazing history here [at the Grand Central Market], we needed division to restore the market,” Owner of Wexler’s Deli Michael Kessar said, “[the market will] continue with some of the great legacy vendors that have been here for decades, while also putting in new restaurants that cover so many different types of cuisine.” Grand Central Market has been open to the public since 1917, hosting food vendors, florists, game nights, movies & many other events.

Right in the heart of Los Angeles, the diverse city boasts its cultures in the best way: with their food. The historic Grand Central Market, formerly named “Wonder Market”, has been open for over a century, currently holding 40 stalls that serve food for locals and tourists alike with flavors from all over the world.

Consistent with the immigration and local cultural communities throughout the city, the market consists of delicacies from all over the world, with vendors such as China Cafe, Wexler’s (Jewish-style) Deli, Ana Maria Mexican Food, Sarita’s Pupuseria, and more.

There’s certainly this one block, that is Grand Central Market, and you have so many different cuisines and cultures that you can experience culinarily,” Michael Kessar, owner of Wexler’s Deli, said, “And there’s not many other places like this in L.A. that have vendors that have been here for so long, with so many “super new” spots that have been curated too much, and this place is much more natural since it has been here for over 100 years.” 

As this market has been around for decades, it not only stands out to tourists exploring the city’s history, but holds a special place in the hearts of local families who have turned this place into a tradition.

“We have two kids and so we all choose something that we like to eat,” market customer Devon Keegan said, “One kid may want a P.B. & J. while the other one wants something else. Everybody can get whatever they want here so it’s perfect that it’s all in one place.”

Although many vendors such as China Cafe and Roast To Go have been located here since before the turn of the century, several new booths have been added to reflect not only the times but also the increased cultural diversity of Los Angeles. 

We always get the pork wonton soup at China Cafe. Just because it’s THAT good.

Devon Keegan

“We opened up about 8 years ago in 2014, in sort of the initial renovation of the Market,” Kessar said. “At that time a lot of new vendors came in to mix with some of the really great quality vendors that have been around here for decades to create something really special.”

While the pandemic forced the Grand Central Market to shut down in 2020, the continued love of the cultural landmark led it to revive in an even greater way as people couldn’t get enough after having missed it for so long. There is no doubt that the GCM plays a vital role in the Los Angeles community, and will definitely carry on its legacy for centuries to come.