Hawks out of class: Sadie King


Audrey Scanlan

Sadie King plays at the Children’s Health Stadium on Friday, January 28 in a game against The Colony. She contributed to the 3-1 win.

Junior Sadie King talks to reporter Jade Kratochvil about her soccer career. (Jade Kratochvil)

Hawks out of class is a feature column sharing the behind-the-scenes Blue Hawk talent at Rock Hill. 

Sadie King plays on the Junior Varsity girls soccer team. Sadie exudes positive energy that makes her stand out from the rest. Sadie keeps busy with school, soccer and work, all the while maintaining friendships. Her friends describe her as “sarcastic, fun and creative.” At lunch, she can always be found sitting and laughing with friends. 

Hill Top Times: When did you start playing soccer?

Sadie King: I started playing soccer when I was four.

HTT: What drives you to continue playing?

SK: The bond I have with my teammates and [having] the hard work we all put in pay off makes me want to keep playing.

HTT: What’s your favorite thing about soccer?

SK: My favorite part of soccer is playing in games with my friends.

HTT: What’s the hardest part about soccer, in your opinion?

SK: The hardest part is staying positive [when we lose] after putting in so much work in and out of practice.

HTT: Are you on any team(s) outside of Rock Hill?

SK: Yes, I’ve been on FC Frisco Storm for two years now.

HTT: What position do you play?

SK: I play midfield.

HTT: Do you have any plans to continue soccer after high school?

SK: I’m not [necessarily] devoting serious effort into playing soccer after high school, however, if I receive an offer to play somewhere else, I would definitely consider it.

HTT: What do you like to do outside of soccer?

SK: Outside of soccer, I like to spend time with my friends and family. I also really enjoy cooking. Especially pasta because who doesn’t like pasta. Pesto is probably [my favorite kind to make.]”

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