Hispanic Heritage Month


Jacob Turner

The Spanish Honor Society decorated the school for Hispanic heritage month, which included translating the core values into Spanish. The core values of Rock Hill High School are integrity, creativity, service, excellence, empathy and unity. “We placed it there so that students and staff coming in could see it perfectly and constantly be reminded of the heritage month.” SHS officer Maria Duron-Garcia said.

Hispanic Heritage month is when people who have Hispanic roots can celebrate their cultural heritage and show pride in their culture. This month is also about recognizing those with Hispanic and Latinx cultures and their influence on society. Each Latin American country has different traditions for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, but these traditions center around celebrating their independence from European colonization. It runs from Sept. 15th to Oct. 15th each year, which is a full 30 days. It is also when Hispanics can recognize essential people to their heritage and culture and celebrate where they came from.

History of Hispanic Heritage

Hispanic Heritage month started back in 1968 as a one-week celebration under the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1988 it became a month-long celebration under the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Sept. 15th is the independence day for several Latin American countries, including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The following day, Sept. 16th, is Mexico’s day of independence, with Chile’s independence day being Sept. 18th.

According to the United States Census, there are 60 million people of Hispanic heritage currently living in the United States. Some traditions include spending time with family, having fiestas with friends and cooking meals from their home country.

Hispanic Heritage At Rock Hill High School

“We have planned a few things for Hispanic Heritage month this year and are still working on a few more events.” club officer of the Spanish Honor Society, senior Maria Duron-Garcia said, “We also designed various slides that are shown mainly in the library and around the school’s many T.V.’s, [and] each slide highlights an influential Hispanic figure, their background and why they’re important.”

The SHS also has a photo backdrop in the middle of the language hallway with Disney’s “Coco” characters. Students can post their photos online and use the hashtag #RHSHS. The SHS also plans to decorate the library with Hispanic heritage banners and other decorations and translate the Rock Hill core values into Spanish.

Hispanic Heritage month is known at RHHS from principal Dustin Toth’s daily announcements and decorations displayed by the SHS.

“I think it’s great that the Spanish classrooms and teachers are celebrating the month and that the Honor Society can come together, and that the school gains awareness for different cultures,” sophomore Diego Bermudez said.