Esports prepares for an amazing gaming season


Esports logo created by Maggie Robison.

The elite Esports team and their sponsor Maggie Robison welcome gamers to the second continuous year, encouraging those interested in playing video games to join their ranks.

This year, the group is going to play Rocket League, Overwatch, Valorant and Apex Legends. The first tryouts will start on Tue., Aug. 31st. at 7, for Rocket League.

“Before we can actually do actual practices, we are having tryouts because there is a huge number of kids wanting to play,” Robison said.

There will also be tryouts for Overwatch, Valorant and Apex Legends.

Like any sports and organization here on campus, the Esports team has to practice for their online tournaments, so practice will begin after tryouts for each of the games and the teams are established. Practices will start each week (depending on the game) and will run for an hour. Practice times and dates would be determined at this time.

“So, there are four games that we’re playing, so there are four different practices,” Robison said.

Each of the tournaments will be streamed live on Twitch, an online gaming streaming service. The stream link for each tournament will be posted on Twitter to let the audience and the viewers wh0 watch them compete know when it’s happening.

Last year the Esports team competed in 6 tournaments for Rocket League in the Spring of 2021. Another accomplishment the team has achieved is being streamed on Twitch by the Ultimate Gaming Championship or UGC a couple of times and by some Universities that compete in Esports.

The Ultimate Gaming Championship is a well-known gaming company that broadcasts gaming tournaments and is based out of the Caesars Entertainment Studios in Las Vegas.

“One of them had 130 plus people signed up for it, and we actually made it to the semifinals,” Robison said.

Questions about joining or viewing the Esports team should be made to Maggie Robison at [email protected].

Twitter link: @RockHillEsports

The interest meeting on campus hosted around 200 kids during Soar Time on Aug 20, 2021, for Esports with team sponsor, Maggie Robison.