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New club unites students

Jacob Turner
As the school year starts, new organizations were created; including STEM Hawks United. “A lot of times in class you might be anxious, I don’t want to ask a question because it will get us off topic and I have to complete this assignment,” sponsor Michael Kizzar said. In the club, their goal is to let students grow.

What is STEM

The term “STEM” stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The careers that incorporate STEM consist of not only the traditional technical jobs of mechanical and electrical engineering, yet additionally includes architecture and fashion design. 

For fashion designers and interior designers, these professionals need to understand the ideas of material properties when they design and create either dresses, or interior decorations. 

“You have to understand material properties, and that would fall into a little bit of material science and engineering,” Kizzar said. 

STEM is a popular and a fast-growing field, where more jobs are considered to be in the field. The idea surrounding STEM, is a part of some class curriculums at Rock Hill, including most CTE classes. 

Meet the Sponsor

One of the Career and Technical Education teachers, Michael Kizzar, sponsored the STEM Hawks United. Kizzar teaches the engineering class at RHHS. Additionally, is one of the sponsors for the district engineering team. He came to RHHS, when the school year first opened up. 

I began their program there, and I’ve been teaching that pretty much ever since,” Kizzar said.

Kizzar began his journey as an engineering educator in Northwest Louisiana. Even before he came into the education field, he was inspired by the elective science teacher from his high school. He believes that elective science teachers can impact students who do not have mentors in their lives. 

Behind The Story of STEM Hawks United

Sophomores, Sherlyn Mathur and Sahasra Anasapurap, came up with the club idea after the competitive season of robotics and Solar Car. 

“The creation of STEM Hawks United was born out of the recognition that minorities, particularly women, people of color, and individuals with disabilities, are underrepresented in STEM fields,” co-founder Saharsa Anasapurapu said.

Mathur, Anasapurap and other students from the engineering team helped pitch their idea of forming the club. 

“They were a part of the engineering team and they loved the engineering team, but they noticed that there was kind of a similar demographic across the entirety of the team,” Kizzar said. 

The mission of STEM Hawks United extends past educational purposes. The club’s goal is to help with inclusion and diversity within the STEM field here at RHHS and advocate for inclusion in the STEM field in general. 

STEM Hawks United Creates a Safe Space

The STEM Hawks United creates a safe environment for students who want to enjoy engineering without the competitive pressure of the team. 

“So they developed this idea that we want to create a safe space here at Rock Hill where students who may not want to be in competition,” Kizzar said, “still wanted to explore the concepts, stepped out and wanted to do that that way.”

The club also creates a safe place to be able to understand the ideas of STEM. 

“Our club seeks to provide a safe space for individuals to explore, learn, and excel in STEM, while also fostering a supportive community that nurtures diversity and promotes innovation,” Anasapurapu said. 

With being in the classes, students don’t have the opportunity to talk about their favorite topics regarding STEAM. 

“A lot of times in class you might be anxious, oh, I don’t want to ask this question because it will get us off topic and I have to complete this assignment,” Kizzar said.

While in the class or in the competitive teams, students have to worry about deadlines rather than in the club not worrying about deadlines.

“This club, we don’t have deadlines,” Kizzar said.

From highlighting people from STEM fields who came from underrepresented backgrounds, can inspire others to pursue their own dreams.

 “By highlighting the achievements and contributions of underrepresented individuals in STEM, we hope to inspire others to pursue their dreams without limitations,” Anasapurapu said. 

STEM Hawks United helps students to feel welcomed and to create a special place for students who want to be creative. The club will also help students pursue their dreams and to explore STEM.

Activities of STEM Hawks United

The STEM Hawks United is beginning off with a tree drive to help the community.

“So right now, the primary activities that they have planned, we are working on a tree drive, where we offer to go around and plant trees in various areas to kind of like, you know, sponsor a tree,” Kizzar said.

However, having the tree drive, creates a greener scenery, but also brings awareness towards environmental challenges.

“This effort will not only enhance the city’s greenery but also create awareness about the significance of STEM education in addressing environmental challenges,” Anasapurapu said. 

In the future, the STEM Hawks United has a project idea of a rocket launch for community members to sponsor. 

“The final activity that we just don’t quite know if we have it yet,” Kizzar said. “It would be a rocket launch where you can sponsor, you can put your seniors name, you can put a friend’s name on a rocket and at a time of celebration, we will launch the rocket for you.”

With the club being brand new, the club has activities planned out throughout the year including the rocket launch and tree drive. 

Future of STEM Club

First meeting of the STEM Hawks United will be on Thursday, Aug 31st. The club meetings will take place in Mr. Kizzar’s room in 1402 after school. 

“The meeting we’re hoping will happen sometime in late, probably next week, or the early weeks of September,” Kizzar said.

The first meeting and the club information will be put out by the sponsor and officers throughout the school. 

“We’re getting all the documentation, all the images out and about, but definitely students can stay tuned to what’s happening on the billboards and the TV screens,” Kizzar said. 

If you have any questions regarding Steam Hawks United, please email club sponsor, Mr. Kizzar, or co-founders, Saharsa Anasapurapu and Sherlyn Mathur. 

“I would say steam is very important,” Kizzar said. “Even if you’re going into a more traditional field, I’m going into business or I’m going into a medical field, steam is going to be a part of your life.”

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