Tomorrow X Together World Tour


Cecilia Trieu

Tomorrow X Together, also known as TXT, is a South Korean boy group that debuted March 4, 2019 under Big Hit Entertainment. The group consists of five members, Yeojun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningkKai. They have released over 20 songs, and won 33 rewards for their music.

Cecilia Trieu, Reporter

Tomorrow X Together World Tour 

Korean boy group Tomorrow X Together (TXT) is set for their second world tour for “Act: Sweet Mirage,” which began last month on March 25 in Seoul, Korea. The tour will continue in six other locations in Asia including Singapore, Taiwan, and various cities in Japan. The tour will end May 27 in Los Angeles. 

I add my opinion on the top five TXT songs I’m hoping to see on the set list. 

1: Devil By the Window


“Devil by the Window” is featured on their newest album, “Temptation” and is easily a fan favorite on their comeback album. “Devil By the Window” has eerie lyrics, but the vocals of the members disguise the darker meaning so well. The overall aesthetic of the song is very dramatic, the choreography is very detailed and puts more emphasis on the lyrics of the song.

2: Tinnitus

“Tinnitus” is such a refreshing song out of the album; it’s addicting and deserves to be on the setlist for this year’s tour. Tinnitus has an Afro-pop beat that gives it such a catchy tune and many fans were shocked to see TXT produce a song based on African music.

3: Fairy of Shampoo

One of my favorite cover songs from TXT, the vocals are very soft. The lyrics for “Fairy of Shampoo” are told by a hopeless romantic, and I find them to be very sincere. Although “Fairy of Shampoo” has a different melody than the other songs featured on my top picks, it would still be amazing to hear it sung live.

4: Blue Hour

“Blue Hour” is a favorite song for many fans, and undoubtedly should be considered for the setlist for this year’s world tour. Normally I’m not a fan of upbeat songs, but “Blue Hour” is an exception. It has a lively concept with amazing vocals and choreography. I’m hoping to see “Blue Hour” sung live for this year’s concert!

5: Roller Coaster

“Roller Coaster” is an older song from the “Dream Chapter: Magic” album. “Roller Coaster” has  very satisfying choreography; it feels very refreshing as it uses the contrast between the members to its advantage. The dance places emphasis on each of the members and the choreography overall is one of my favorites. “Roller Coaster” also has a nostalgic melody, making me easily fall in love with it. I would be ecstatic to see “Roller Coaster” on the setlist. 

The Sweet Mirage tour is an anticipated concert for many fans. Next month on May 6, TXT will come to the US starting in Charlotte, North Carolina.