Review: ‘Ted Lasso’ captures American spirit in England


Julian Baron

A digitally constructed image by Julian Baron represents Ted Lasso from the Apple TV show “Ted Lasso.”

Junwoo Kim, Reporter

“Ted Lasso” is an Apple TV series about an American football coach going to England to coach soccer.


“Ted Lasso” follows a man from Kansas named Ted Lasso, who can coach soccer in England for the team AFC Richmond. When he first arrives in London, people consider him a joke and don’t perceive him as a real coach. With no experience in coaching the sport, people all around England shouted at him, and the fans of AFC Richmond did not perceive him well.

Throughout his first season in England, Ted Lasso faces such challenges. Yet, despite his many setbacks, he stays cheerful and affectionate. This helps him create bonds with the club’s players and managers. But they didn’t achieve enough to win, as the team was relegated to the English Championship League. 

When Ted and AFC Richmond get relegated, they face the challenge of winning their way back to the Premier League. Throughout the season, the team faces many challenges like player rebellion, humiliating defeat and a crisis of confidence after the team finds its true meaning for a bit. Ted also faces personal problems and is worried about his son at home.

Ted and the club must face these hurdles to return to the Premier League.

After all of the team’s struggles, they finally get promoted back to the Premier League after a draw against Brentford. However, the season ends with a surprising ending as one of the coaches under Ted becomes rogue and leaves for the rival club of, West Ham.


“Ted Lasso” is a unique show that remains engaging with the many plots and side stories it creates. While many shows exist in this genre, “Ted Lasso” extinguishes them by being more realistic compared to others. Unlike other sports movies and shows, the show doesn’t include unrealistic success stories. The drama is also concise, giving it a more realistic feeling than the regular suspense-building shows.

The show uses many different historic venues, which help capture the beauty of the game of soccer and the country of England.  

The show helps you connect with the characters and enables you to see and bond with what the characters have to offer. It is really interesting to see all the different personalities of the players, coaches and managers in the show. Character development happens frequently but is nevertheless gradual and believable. This gives the audience a more realistic view of the characters and their motivations as each change as the season progresses.

“Ted Lasso” is a very good show, and I recommend watching it if you have the time. Its realistic narrative creates a bigger bond and hooks people into the story.