Varsity softball plays Allen, falls short

The Blue Hawks took on the Allen Eagles during a home game on April 6, ending in a loss of 5-7.

In a switch-up in positions, freshman Kennedy “KB” Bradley throws the bulk of the pitches, taking on the “headliner” title normally occupied by sophomore Naomi Redman who was injured. With Rock Hill in the lead for the first three innings, the game was looking hopeful and the team confident.

However, in the fourth inning, Allen caught up with two runs. As the game progressed, the Blue Hawks continued to fall short until the fifth inning when the teamwork of pitcher Bradley and junior fielder Camila Spriggs prevented the Eagles from scoring a home run. The impossible catch by Spriggs sent a shock wave across the field and into the bleachers.

Although the loss was disappointing, the Blue Hawks performed well and there were multiple highlights that left the crowd speechless. These wins within losses are reflected throughout the girls’ season.

“Our season has had ups and downs,” freshman Maddie Kerrigan said. “But I think if we come together we can go far.”

Coming together shouldn’t be hard for these girls. Lively cheers erupted all night from the dugout, shaking the side paneling. In addition to their most obvious bond over their love for softball, these athletes make the most out of small moments. Before the game, many players could be seen painting each other’s faces, demonstrating their attention to detail and style.

“We ended up making it close,” Bradley said. “But I feel like we could’ve walked away with that win if we would’ve produced earlier in the game and stuck to the game plan.”

Bradley’s sentiment was shared by many of the other players as well as the coaches, which only encourages them to push harder towards success.

With only three more games to go, the Blue Hawks are locked in and ready to strike out the competition. Their next game is at home against McKinney High starting at 7:00 p.m. on April 14.