Opinion: March Madness is the greatest tournament of all time


Wes Phipps

A digitally constructed image by Wes Phipps represents the March Madness tournament. The tournament is the greatest in the world because of its “Many exciting moments every year including game winning shots, and the experience of seeing one’s school go far in the tournament.”

Junwoo Kim and Wes Phipps

The March Madness tournament, which features 68 teams competing in six rounds, is the greatest tournament of all time due to the numerous surprises it produces. Colleges can showcase their men’s basketball team and their abilities when competing in this tournament. In addition, the tournament is popular worldwide, with millions making multiple brackets to predict the outcome of the sporting event.

There has never been a perfect bracket in March Madness; people have tried to predict the correct outcome since its start in 1939 but have never been able to. That’s because it is nearly impossible, as the chances are 1 in 9.2 quintillions. Not one bracket was perfect out of the millions made every year.

With March Madness having its countless ups and downs, it has been a tradition for the create of brackets. These traditions are widely favored because of people’s enjoyment in making the bracket. Nearly every year, there are at least twenty million brackets made to help and try to predict the outcome.

People use formulas, or they just flip a coin. People make March Madness brackets in many ways, whether they pick on the numbered seed the team is or flip a coin to determine this bracket challenge. Unfortunately, success is still very bleak in many brackets because it is nearly impossible to predict the outcome correctly.

It’s hard to perfect a March Madness tourney because of its countless upsets. However, this is what makes the event so great. Every year, certain teams are unexpected to win but end up losing to the worst of the teams. In last year’s games, we saw Saint Peter’s Peacocks go on a run, beating teams like the Kentucky Wildcats and ending up in the Elite Eight.

Cinderella stories, which are teams of lower seeds beating higher seeds, are common but still very entertaining. Many people love to watch them because of the idea of a small school being able to prove their worth in the tournament. This year’s most amusing story sits with the Florida Atlantic Owls. After being picked as the nine seed, they won the first game and continued to win until they lost against San Diego State in the final four against San Diego State.

March Madness has some of the greatest moments in sports history. There are so many game-winning shots every year. There are so many exciting moments every year, including game-winning shots and the experience of seeing one’s school go far in the tournament. The fun of March Madness is knowing that the tournament will be exciting yearly. You see all of the small teams that have a chance to prove their worth.

At the end of the month of games, the song “One Shining Moment” plays. This celebrates all the players who can officially have their moment of fame. The tournament continues to provide opportunities for the athletes for their one moment.

With the end of the tournament on April 3, we saw UConn win the whole thing and bring home the trophy every basketball player dreams of winning.