‘Eyes on the ball’ dodgeball tournament raises money for prom

Cadence Chacon and Cecilia Trieu

The annual dodgeball tournament took place March 30 as a fundraiser for prom. The game started during second period, and ended towards the end of Soar time. Juniors and seniors formed teams of 10, with each player paying two dollars, amounting a total of 20 dollars for each team. Students wanting to watch payed three dollars for a ticket to the arena.

6 teams played in the tournament:


Triple O


Dodge Fathers


Twinkle Dinkle Fairy Sprinkle

Many students speculated the senior team, Twinkle Dinkle Fairy Sprinkle team, to win the game. Others argued that the baseball team would win against the basketball team.

“I think the seniors on the Fairy team would win, they seem more stacked than the other teams” says senior, Keyoni Morrison says.

Team Ballers player, Reid Jessen says, “I’m honestly scared because were going against the baseball players (team Flex), but I just hope we can at least win the first round”.

There were many rounds for the six teams. The final game ended in a tie between Dodge Fathers and Ballers, however the crowd voted Team Dodge Fathers for the win. Coaches allowed for all students from the audience to join in and play with the extra time left.

“Dodgeball was like us being kids again, being able to let loose and play a fun game,” Akame says. “The tournament made the week more exciting!”

The bonus round started with, senior, base ball and softball players going against the basketball and volleyball players. The basketball and volleyball players won the round. For the final round sophomores and freshmen went against the seniors and juniors, with the underclassmen winning.

“The dodgeball game brought on school spirit, I think it was a fun idea to bring students together as well as raise money for events,” junior Toriana Coleman said.

The dodgeball game earnings go towards the funds for prom.