Opinion: XFL gives a second chance to many


Julian Baron

A digitally constructed image by Julian Baron represents the XFL league. The league serves as an alternative to the NFL. “With its different rules and unique play style, the XFL helps to make football more accessible and reach new targets.”

Junwoo Kim, Reporter

The XFL is a professional football league owned by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and businesswoman Dany Garcia. The league has caught the attention of many in the football scene. Though the XFL went under the radar when it was originally founded by Vince McMahon in 2001, the league first entered news headlines in 2018, when McMahon decided to reopen the XFL.

With its different rules and unique play style, the XFL helps to make football more accessible and reach new targets. People who want a second chance at playing professionally finally have somewhere to turn: the XFL. This allowed rejected National Football League (NFL) players to continue their passion, but it also has some players with previous NFL experience.

Grabbing the attention of football fans was a success, and many people enjoyed this new style of playing football. The league was on hiatus until 2023 due to the pandemic. The shift in owners, from McMahon to Johnson and Garcia, also aided in expanding the league’s potential.

Johson rebranded the league to give a second chance for players who didn’t qualify for the NFL– a perfect opportunity to show their skills at a less competitive level. When Johnson was in college, his aspiration to be in professional football was cut short when he didn’t make it into the NFL draft. He never had a second chance, so he wanted to provide that for others.

“I wish I had the XFL when I came out of the University of Miami,” Johnson said during a press interview. “We have put a lot of effort into creating a league of second chances, a league of passion, a league of grit.” With football’s ongoing success and ensuing competitiveness, he hoped to open up a second chance for people to slowly develop.

The XFL has also helped with player engagement. Like no other league, the XFL has mid-game interviews for people who scored a touchdown.

“The XFL is a very different game than the NFL,” senior Luke Gillum said. “There are so many rules that affect the game of football.” Every decision that the coach and referee make is recorded live so that the people watching have an idea of what is going on during the game.”

With what the XFL adds, it hopes to give players a big chance with coaches listing off players who are notable.

Some XFL players used to be former NFL players, one such prominent name being Josh Gordan. “We’ve cast the net and found guys that fit this league, guys that had former NFL experience,” Reggie Barlow, DC Defenders coach said. “Guys who deserve an opportunity to play.”

Ben Dinnuci is a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who started in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles. He was later released by the NFL but quickly picked up by the XFL in the draft to be given his chance into the XFL.

The XFL aims to be all about opportunity–players who want a second chance have this chance to prove themselves and become better through professional experience. This league has already made some big moves and looks forward to accommodating its players and what they want. The XFL can provide a new future for many players who love football but couldn’t make it to the NFL picks.