American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey prepares fans for album release


Wes Phipps

A digitally constructed image created by junior Wes Phipps illustrates one of the many new album’s artwork on vinyl. “I am excited for her new album,” sophomore Sidney Glenn said. “I have listened to the first song she has released from the track, and loved it!” The album is scheduled to be out by March 24, including all of the merchandise that comes along with it.

Dana Garcia, Assistant Editor

After waiting 16 months to release a new album, Lana Del Rey has revealed the tracklist for her upcoming record. The news was delivered in December on her private Instagram account sharing a typewritten letter. The track “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd,” was initially to be released March 10, but Del Rey pushed it back by two weeks to March 24.

Numerous contributors appear on the album cover, including Jack Antonoff, Drew Erickson, Zach Dawes as well as Jon Batiste, Father John Misty, Tommy Genesis, and Laura Sisk. Del Rey has previously covered “Buddy’s Rendezvous” by Father John Misty and released “Watercolor Eyes” for the well-known HBO Max original series, “Euphoria.” 

“I have been listening to Lana Del Rey since 2013; when I had an iPod, my dad put on the “Born to Die” album,” Prosper High School junior Olivia Havens said. “I usually like listening to her music when I study, like her slower songs, because it helps me focus.”

The title track and lead single for the album was released on Dec. 7. “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.” seems to reflect on the overall sound and feel of her new album. Del Rey reported to W Magazine in May, 2022 that she practiced “meditative automatic singing.” As stated in the article, her voice notes were sent to composer Drew Erickson who added an orchestra and an ambiance to the recordings. 

“Lana has helped me express myself in so many different ways,” sophomore Sidney Glenn said. “She doesn’t care about what others think, and that has motivated me to be more careless of what others think of me and to be more confident in the way I act, the way I dress and the way I think.”

In addition to streaming, the album will be available for purchase in various formats including CD, cassette and vinyl at select retailers and on Lana Del Rey’s website

“What can I say! I’m so grateful to be present and feeling effervescent today,” Del Rey said in the letter she posted on Instagram. “With a mind full of violets and a forehead warmed by the sun as I pray in the garden. Thank you friends who helped me make this record. The music is for fun and for you and for me and not always free unless you’re streaming, but spirited with the best of intentions!”

It seems the main theme Del Rey is trying to portray in this album is family. In most of her songs she includes her grandpa, brother, father and uncle. Rob Grant, Del Rey’s father is releasing an album with Decca Records June 9, and she will be featured in two of the songs. 

“An accidental recording artist, Grant has never had a lesson on any instrument in his life. No kind of formal musical training at all,” Decca Records said. “He can’t read sheet music, but when he sits down at a piano, something magical happens.”

On an Instagram live video in late 2022, Del Rey claimed fans stole deleted upcoming music videos from a laptop. Three video cameras and many hard drives were stolen from her car. She “had to remotely wipe the computer that had a 200-page book, Simon and Schuster [publishing company];” which was not backed up on her iCloud, but was on the stolen laptop’s data; posted online. Del Rey requested that fans should delete these leaked videos, yet they are still online to watch.

The album she was working on – a follow-up to last year’s “Blue Banisters” – has not been formally announced as of yet, but Del Rey assured fans that, as with her book, she will not be deterred by this setback,” News Musical Express said. 

Currently, there have been reports of Del Rey going on tour for the future years of Spring/Summer of 2023 and 2024 if her new album is successful. Though it has not been confirmed yet, there are supposed to be four concerts scheduled to play across three countries. 

“She influences me the same way she motivates me,” Glenn said. “She’s very confident and not only that, she has created a strong image of herself as an outstanding artist and performer in a way that guides her listeners to become someone as powerful as her.”

The title names of all the songs in the new album have also been revealed by Lana Del Rey:

01 The Grants 

02 Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd

03 Sweet

04 A&W

05 Judah Smith Interlude 

06 Candy Necklace [ft. Jon Batiste]

07 Jon Batiste Interlude 

08 Kintsugi

09 Fingertips 

10 Paris, Texas [ft. Syml] 

11 Grandfather Please Stand on the Shoulders of My Father While He’s Deep-Sea Fishing [ft. Riopy] 

12 Let the Light In [ft. Father John Misty] 

13 Margaret [ft. Bleachers] 

14 Fishtail

15 Peppers [ft. Tommy Genesis] 

16 Taco Truck x VB