Opinion- New ‘Coke with Coffee’ beverage exceeds expectations


Photo Credit Haley Medeiros

A stylized photo features two cans of Coca-Colas’ new product, Coca-Cola with Coffee. Columnist Wesley Barrett takes a look at the the new combination in the following review. “Despite rational first impressions of distaste, the flavor of the drink is nuanced, and actually quite good,” Barrett said. “Each sip is a perfectly choreographed cycle from from beginning to end.”

Wesley Barrett, Columnist

Some things just don’t belong together, like our school cafeteria and anything besides the taco line. Other things, though unconventional, are the perfect match.

Look no farther than Coca-Cola’s newest flavor; Coca-Cola with Coffee.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way, the flavor comes in a total of three different varieties, with some offering a zero-calorie version: Dark Blend, Vanilla and Caramel. The drink also sports a good amount of caffeine at 69 ml. While this is about twice as much as a normal can of Coke, it is only about 1/2 to 1/4 the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.

This $2 can is 12 ounces of pure satisfaction that is, as a good friend put it, “immaculate.”

The Journey

This beverage’s history is just as flavorful as its contents.

Coca-Cola with Coffee is the company’s second stab at a coffee-based beverage. The brand released a similar drink in 2006 called “Coke Blak” that was discontinued in 2008 for poor taste and appeal. Coca-Cola has come back with a new recipe with a better aftertaste and more Americanized spin, so far to much success.

The drink features not just a grandiose origin, but also a more personal story. This new refresher has just recently found it’s way onto American shelves and is still a unique find. The search for the beverage is in it of itself a wild ride, and after mistaking the far inferior Coke Energy drink for it, I found that the Coke with Coffee taste was all the better. The drink’s rarity and novelty are arguably on of its most apparent draws, but those who actually taste the combination will not be disappointed.

The Taste

Despite rational first impressions of distaste, the flavor of the drink is nuanced and actually quite good.

The mix of sweetness that the Coke brings with the calm, mature sensation of the coffee is a delectable combination that should not be underestimated.

The dark blend is a muted interpretation of the duet, with both flavors taking a graceful approach to delivering taste. This version is for those who want their coffee with a side of coke and enjoy a mature pick-me-up with undertones of soft-drink energy.

The vanilla variety, however, is a personal favorite of mine. The slogan of the drink is “sips like a Coke, finishes like a coffee.”

Vanilla lives up to that standard.

The flavor starts deceivingly like a vanilla Coke, still a good drink, but ends with a cascade of rich coffee aftertaste. Each sip is a perfectly choreographed cycle from from beginning to end, and transitions perfectly to another swig. Overall, the vanilla variety is sweeter drink, and while that may not be for everyone, those who want an experience that lives up to the slogan should opt for the vanilla flavor.

Finally, there’s the caramel version. The drink is great, but it’s nothing unexpected. Caramel adds a nice round sweetness to the drink, and while it is a great flavor, it is not exceptional. If you don’t try this one, you are missing something, but not much.

Reservations about such a novel combination are understandable, and this drink is not for everyone. However, actually trying the drink guarantees the exceeding of expectations.