Top 10 gifts for your Valentine date


Jacob Turner

Graphic made by Jacob Turner. With Valentine’s Day is coming up, staff reporter Jacob Turner created a last minute gift list.

Heart Map Print

The heart map made by Amelia Gier allows you to create a heart shape map, where you met your significant other. I love how it gives the option to choose any city in the world. Gier states that she could do small towns as well, like Prosper. The heart map costs $9.60.

Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker

The heart-shaped waffle maker is the cutest thing ever. I love the idea of making a small heart shaped waffle and giving it to your significant other. You could also make waffle hash browns and waffle cookies with it. This waffle maker can fit in your backpack.

Glenmearl Wool Socks
Looking at the socks on Amazon, I was wondering why someone would want to buy two pairs of the same socks. But when I thought about it, I realized that it works as a cute Valentine’s gift. The socks are described as warm, breathable and durable. It will keep you warm during the colder months and cool during the warmer months. The price is a great deal compared to other brands and it gives two pairs in the price of one.

Lego Floral Set
For the ones who love legos, with this you can create a flower that doesn’t require watering each day. Even though the price might seem excessive compared to real flowers, these lego flowers can be kept for a long time. The pieces are made from plant-based elements so they don’t harm the environment.

Kinto Unitea Cup
If your significant other loves drinking coffee or tea, this cup is perfect for them, though it might not work when sitting by the pool due to the container being made out of glass. There are three different options from 350 milliliters to 550 millimeters. It only costs $9.80 and the cup is heat resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe, so it won’t go unused by whoever you gift it to.

Norpro Nonstick Heart Pancake/Egg Rings
On Valentine’s morning, you can surprise your significant other with heart-shaped pancakes or omelets with the Norpro heart rings. The idea is to spruce up Valentine’s day breakfast. The ring can hold up to a ¼ cup batter or one egg, and the inclusion of nonstick coating on the rings helps to make cleaning up easier and reduce the mess after cooking. I believe the price is a steal because you get a set of two at a low price. Recipes and instructions come with the packing.

I wrote a Book about you
To be honest, this is a cute present to give to you when you’re in the stage before getting engaged. It gives you the freedom to write about how you love that person, about who they are and their characteristics. Even though this book can be for your significant other, it could be for a relative or even a friend. I love how this book can be for anyone who you love.

75 Crossword Puzzles
If you and your significant other love to do crossword puzzles, consider getting this Valentine’s day edition of the New York Times, Sweetheart Sunday Edition. Seventy five crossword puzzles that you and your significant other can work on together to enjoy the company of each other. These puzzles come from different editions of the crossword section of the New York times.

Mixbook gives you the option to choose from photo books to home decor to customize the relationship of your significant other. For the special memories either with your family or even with your significant other, Mixbook helps create the right photo book. They even make Christmas cards for your family to share with relatives or friends.

Reasons why I love you Journal
On Etsy, there is a cute book called, “Reasons why I love you” which lets the person write from the heart. It is a blank and customizable notebook to keep track and write down why you love your significant other. There are different types of paper including blank paper, lined paper, dotted paper and even cardstock. The price is the same for any type of paper but varies on the size of paper you want in the notebook. Cover colors include “kraft,” which is the paper bag type of color, “white,” “rose,” “honeycomb,” “powder green” and “light blue.”