“Crosstown Showdown” pep rally highlights school spirit

Cecilia Trieu and Cadence Chacon


As we near the end of this school year’s pep rallies, the “Cross Town Showdown” pep rally took place on Friday, Jan. 27. The pep rally united the basketball team before they played against Prosper High School. Rock Hill pulled through and won 56-52.

The student body gathered at the rally to hype the Blue Hawks for the showdown against PHS. Opinions on the upcoming game buzzed around the school.

“I’m very excited because it’s going to be very hype since we’re going against our rival school,” junior Gabrielle Lokko said.

Having finished eight pep rallies this year, we have one more left to end the 2023 academic year. 

“I think it’s a good idea to hype the students for the game,” junior color guard member Bowie Savoie said. “When going against Prosper I know we got this for this season.”  

School spirit is the goal of pep rallies as they uplift the mood and the pride of Rock Hill. 

The “Cross Town Showdown” also introduced the spring sports teams coming up as the winter season ends, getting ready for the new season. 

“Pep rallies are a good release for kids to have because it’s a great way to end the week,” junior Bindu Upadrashta said before the pep rally started. “I’m excited to see how this month’s pep rally will go. It brings school spirit in a way, that people are having fun and shouting, making people want to go to games” 

Competitiveness is brought out during pep rallies, whether it be through games for staff and students or the fight over the spirit stick among grade levels. 

“Pep rallies bring so much spirit for the school and the students,” senior Cameron Dawes said. “The band gets to play for the students as well as the cheerleaders, the step team, and the Rockettes.”

Our mascot Rocky went against Prosper’s mascot in an arm wrestling round. After a tough fight, Rocky pulled through and took the title of winner against the Prosper Eagles. 

“I think our teams can beat Prosper again this year,” Lokko said. “They’ve been doing pretty well this season.” 

To end the pep rally, the fight for the spirit stick was on, where each grade shouts the victory chant, and the loudest grade earns the spirit stick. This pep rally marked the first win for the class of 2024, as juniors won the spirit stick.