Annual Expo night promotes clubs, programs for students


Cadence Chacon

Junior, Cecilia Trieu, viewing one of the informational boards for the Rock Hill Expo night.

Cadence Chacon and Cecilia Trieu

Expo Night is an opportunity to showcase various sports, clubs and course options for the following school year. Each of these many groups have representatives there to promote their programs for the course selection that will end Feb. 3. This is a great chance to see what Rock Hill has to offer for the students in the upcoming year. 

The clubs that set up for the night had their own ways of promoting their electives, and encouraging the students to join next fall. Representatives and club officers demonstrated what their club has to offer, using posters and handouts. 

There is a wide selection of electives, clubs and extracurriculars available. Among these are the courses and clubs in arts.

Cadence Chacon

“We are showing available options the art branch has to offer like drawing, ceramics, and painting.” Art teacher, Rebekah Hurst said “We are also here tonight to showcase the effort all the students put into their works.” 

Junior Ruaa Al Hamami, member of the Islamic Student Council, presented for her club. “We are giving out information about our culture and traditions,” she said. 

Expo night is a chance for incoming students to explore and discuss their options with their family. 

Cadence Chacon

“I believe [Expo night] is essential because we can showcase our electives and promote all the different opportunities,” junior Jacob Turner said, who is a member of the Rock Hill Media club.

Rock Hill offers choices ranging from health, entertainment, creativity and much more in courses and extracurriculars. Expo night is a chance to see that.

“It’s important because it’s [an opportunity for] the whole community to get hands-on and see it in person, talking to the teachers and instructors and asking questions,” Songy, sergeant of JROTC, said.

The electives, clubs, and organizations had their assigned tables where they put up brochures, videos, posters, and presentations.

“We have the computer showing the Hill Top Times website, brochures and our previous yearbooks,”  Turner said.