Show off your creative talents at VASE

VASE is a Texas High school level art competition that will begin on February 18th


Cecilia Trieu

Summer Alison, junior, working on her entry for VASE. “I enjoy painting my pets, because I love them and I thought that painting my dog would be a fun and challenging project for VASE” says Allison

Show off your creative talents at VASE
The 29th VASE competitions are coming up next month, and many students are getting their pieces ready for the competition. VASE, also known as Visual Arts Scholastic Event, is a Texas High School art competition that starts with regionals to state

VASE accepts many mediums of visual arts that are originally created by the young artist.

“The mission of the High School Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts”

Anyone, grades 9-12, are accepted to the art competition. Students have been working on their pieces using paintings, clay and pencils. Depending on the years of art taken in high school, the students will be divided in four divisions. This is to put students of the same levels to showcase one another’s. Summer Alison, a junior, was asked how she felt about her artwork.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done so far, i enjoy it a lot since it’s my dog” says Summer

With the upcoming deadline, on January 31st, the students are in a race against time before the artwork is going to be submitted into the regionals art show against other high schools

Lauren Morris, a sophomore , and Aryan Hozhabri, a freshmen, were asked how they felt about the deadline.

Aryan Hozhabri, sophomore, adding the details for her piece. Her art work shows an abstracted mural with accent colors, “I really enjoy the composition, and love the style of these types of painting” says Hozhabri (Cecilia Trieu)

“It makes me nervous because a painting takes time. The rush can affect the painting, and since VASE judges off of the quality-it worries me” says Lauren.

Aryan Hozhabri expresses that the deadline can be different for each student, “I feel like it’s ok. It depends on how progress continues. It can be too soon and just right, it’s 50/50. Overall I feel pretty good.”

VASE encourages students to show their creativity by giving the vast freedom to choose what medium they want to incorporate in their piece, what theme, and prompt the students.

Ms. Crimson, an art teacher, explains what VASE is to her, “Vase is a way for students to show their artistic skills to the community, and an opportunity to grow and get validated for being a successful artist.”

Lauren follows with, “To me VASE is a way of gathering a bunch of people that share the same interest, and getting to express yourself and others express themselves.”

VASE is not all about competition, but about sharing your art with the community and learning from the experience.

“It helps you see things different and it does develop your true self” Summer says

Getting to be able to share your passion with others that enjoy it as well. The VASE judges not only view the works, but give critiques and advice for the artists.

“VASE is very open-minded so you use a lot of creativity to create your art and it taps into your creativity and creates the structure for your skills” Ms. Crimson explains.

The deadline for completed artworks is coming up, on the 31st of January, and Rockhill is getting ready to compete against the other high schools. The regional event begins on February 18th, where Rockhill and many other high schools will present their artworks. We hope to see many artworks of Rock hill students go to state competition!