Care Crew prioritizes connecting with senior home residents

Yasmin Garada, Staff Writer


A new and up-and-coming club, Care Crew, hosted its third monthly event on Sunday, Dec. 11. at 2 p.m. at Tribute Senior Living, an assisted living and memory care facility in Prosper.

This club’s main mission is to be a powerful network of young people tackling senior isolation and empowering their peers to be compassionate local leaders by volunteering at senior homes.

“It being the holiday season, we wanted to go out and make the seniors’ holiday season even more joyful and a time to remember,” senior and Care Crew president Nethra Kartheeswaran said, “especially because it can get a little lonely for them this time of year.” 

With funding from fundraisers, the club is able to receive a glamour kit filled with nail polish, oils, lotion, and a variety of makeup, as well as board games that members bring from home. They are currently planning a fundraiser with Panda Express. 

“I love the process of painting their nails,” senior and vice president Shaivya Sethi said. “I enjoy the stories they tell me and seeing the bright smile on their faces during and after the process.”

This month’s event focused on a group game of bingo that lasted two hours and was filled with conversations about their backgrounds, life advice given to the volunteers, and ideas for the next visit.