Review: Netflix’s “Wednesday” isn’t just for Tim Burton fans

Netflixs new TV show Wednesday makes a lasting mark on todays pop culture.


Netflix’s new TV show “Wednesday” makes a lasting mark on today’s pop culture.

Reagyn Harrington, Reporter

The new TV rendition of the Addams family member “Wednesday” has taken the world by storm.

This new series was projected to storm the charts, but not in the way that it has. This horror-comedy series has become one of Netflix’s most streamed series, with 341 million hours. 

This show has influenced new trends all over Tik Tok and Instagram, where many people are creating videos doing their own rendition of Wednesday’s dance in the prom scene, sharing different outfit ideas to dress like her, makeup looks to make oneself look like Wednesday and even videos of people trying not to blink, similar to how the “Wednesday” actress Jenna Ortega does in the show. 

“Personally, I think it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable,” junior Eli Palomque said, “They romanticize her body language and personality, but I do think some aspects are cool.”

The series’ similarities to the original Addams Family show is an aspect that is showcased throughout this series that helps to appeal to the older audience. 

“I really enjoyed the show,” senior Rhyssa Gibson said. “There are many similarities, of course, the characters, some references to “Hotel Transylvania” within Enid’s family, some of Wednesday’s dance moves, and the relationships the family has with each other.” 

Another huge topic of discussion was the casting and direction of the show. Many fans believed that this casting is one of the best castings Netflix has done as well as some of the best direction by Tim Burton

The actors all tie the show together and make it a great watching experience.”

— Sioban McGrath

“I think the casting fits very well with the show,” junior Sioban McGrath said. “Specifically, Jenna Ortega because she has done a great job portraying the character of Wednesday.”

Many fans are saying they have never seen “The Addams Family” or have watched shows like this but are slowly growing to enjoy the genre because of this show.

“I really like this show,” Mcgrath said. “It’s much different from the type of genres I normally watch. I think the cinematography, plot, and actors all tie the show together and make it a great watching experience.”

Fans have even gone on to say that they are now obsessed with the Addams family due to this show but had no idea who they were beforehand. 

“I like it because “The Addams Family” was a movie I never really watched because it was kind of old,” junior Katie Mata said. “But, watching this adds a modern twist to make it more watchable for people my age.” 

This show was on Netflix’s top shows chart for about a week and quickly advanced to number one. Many teenagers and young adults love this show, and the praise is not scheduled to stop anytime soon. From casting Jenna Ortega and having Tim Burton direct half of the series, Netflix has created a show that is unlike any other.

Although most new shows received backlash from different news sources throughout the first weeks of their release, “Wednesday” has been one of the few receiving a series of praises for many days. 

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