MSA bonfire brings students together

Club hosts their first event to express culture

Dana Garcia, Assistant Editor


By exploring different cultures, friends and families gathered to experience the “S’mores with Lores” bonfire on Thursday, Dec. 8. at 5:30 p.m. at Prestwyck Park. Due to weather changes in the area, the fire was constructed under a pavilion. The Rock Hill Muslim Student Association (MSA) hosted this event as its first official social of the semester. 

To start off the event, the group hosted Halaqa, short lessons that Muslims partake in to benefit and teach everyone about Islam. Following Halaqa, the bonfire group gathered around the fire to  tell scary stories about jin (the devil and ghosts).

“The main purpose was just to bring everyone together because this is our first event of the year,” junior and president of MSA Sada Zaidi said. “Especially since it’s Christmas time, we don’t celebrate Christmas, so we thought it would be a good way to show something else that we could do.”

The event was free, but attendees could donate money for snacks and hot chocolate. Bringing blankets was also encouraged to help stay warm on the cooler night. 

“This event wasn’t only for Muslims, there are people here from all different types of religions and cultures,” senior and vice president of MSA Yasmine Garada said. “We really are just bonding over our own cultures and having fun at the same time.”

While families played  around the park, more students from Rock Hill, Prosper, and McKinney North high schools came around to make s’mores. This event inspired high schoolers that came to explore more cultures and to just have fun while doing so. 

“I really liked it and enjoyed the people I was with,” sophomore Brikena Kukaj said. “I brought one of my friends that’s not in MSA, and she really liked it. I’m glad I got a member to join.”