Hawks Out of Class: Ryder Hornsby


Cadence Chacon

Hope Squad member and junior Ryder Hornsby comforts fellow classmate after a stressful day.

Junior Ryder Hornsby is a valued member of Hope Squad at Rock Hill High School. Hope Squad is a special team dedicated to helping those who are struggling with mental health and creating a safe environment for them. Hornsby has a passion for providing a support system for those around him. Hornsby takes Hope Squad very seriously and wants to shed light on what they do.

Hill Top Times: How long have you been in Hope Squad?

Ryder Hornsby: This is my first year in Hope Squad

HTT: Who or hat made you want to join Hope Squad?

RH: I was inspired to be in Hope Squad because of Mr. Galloway. I had him freshman year for social studies and he really inspired me.

HTT: Why do you feel like Hope Squad is important to this school?

RH: It’s important because there is a sense of help and guidance towards kids. It’s super important that kids understand that they aren’t alone and there is help out there for them.

HTT: Are you still going to be a part of Hope Squad next year?

Featured is junior Ryder Hornsby. (Cadence Chacon)

RH: I do plan to stay in Hope Squad during my senior year because it means a lot to me. I want to continue it because I feel like there will be a lot of opportunities to grow.

HTT: How did you feel about being nominated for Hope Squad

RH: I was shocked at first, but as time progressed I’ve gotten so comfortable and it also made me feel happy knowing people feel like I would be a good member.

HTT: Why do you think you were nominated?

RH: I’m not really sure, I always try to be there for my friends and help them, so maybe that’s why.

HTT: Who is your motivator?

RH: My mom is my motivator, she has gone through so much and I want to be able to be someone that she is proud of.

HTT: Has being in Hope Squad changed your outlook/opinions on anything?

RH: I’m definitely trying to be more open, [considering] how my words affect people, being able to see signs of mental illness.

HTT: How has being in Hope Squad affected you

RH: It’s teaching me how to not be so negative and to not judge people because you never know what they might be going through.