Wrapping up the year with Spotify


Cadence Chacon

Featured is staff writer Cadence Chacon’s 2022 Spotify wrapped. Her number one artist of the year was Taylor Swift.

Spotify released its yearly wrap-up of 2022 for all Spotify listeners. Spotify Wrapped started in early December of 2016 when Spotify began to track the audio activity of users, giving users a summary of their listening history throughout the year. On Nov. 30, users opened Spotify to see their reports. 

Spotify Wrapped goes through slides showing users their top five genres, songs and artists. Other concepts Spotify added are the user’s personality, audio profile and music vibe. In addition to the information Spotify gives you, it also creates a playlist of users’ top songs of the year, exposing how many minutes users spend on Spotify. 

Since the release, classroom discussions have largely centered around sharing Spotify Wrapped music summaries. 

“This year’s wrap was pretty accurate, and the layout was interesting with the moods of songs throughout the day,” junior Milan Williams said. “Spotify should keep doing yearly wraps because it’s a good way to compare and talk about music taste with peers.”

Spotify endorses the yearly wraps to raise awareness that utilizes the listener’s data and analytics to condense the year to show the listener’s favorite artists, songs and genres. This is shareable with others, creating a sort of connection among friends, family and those who share similar tastes.

According to a report from Digiday, the global creative VP of Spotify, Alex Bodman, states that Spotify Wrapped has a large audience constantly coming back to stream music and podcasts. 

“We don’t just see an increased user base day on day. We also see a lot of people coming back to the platform,” Bodman said. “It is an opportunity to grow the company.”

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Spotify has a trend of changing its Wrapped concepts each year with different graphics. Since last year, Spotify has changed its wrapper by removing the option for users to compare their most listened-to artists with others, as well as giving users new color pallets and graphic designs every year, such as the new, cleaner designs that were changed compared to the previous years. 

“I think it’s great. It actually looked really cool, and I was not expecting the artists and the top song it showed me, so that was cool,” junior Ruaa Al Hamami said. “Something they can improve on is showing more data from the year. Such as going over a top song/album/artist for each month.”

Spotify Wrapped is an open opportunity for bringing people together. It brings good publicity to the company with the number of users sharing their experience for the year.

“Spotify Wrapped is good for publicity because it encourages users to spend more time on Spotify,” junior Ryder Hornsby said. “It also makes users want to show off their music and connect with friends with the same music interests.”

Music is one way for listeners to connect with others. Spotify Wrapped is a great option to see your music streaming history as well as find others with similar tastes as you. Feel free to submit your own shares here at Hill Top Times.