PISD hosts second ‘Sign the Beam’ tradition for Walnut Grove

Event held for future WGHS students

Dana Garcia, Assistant Editor

The Walnut Grove High School beam signing was opened to families this past Wednesday, Nov. 16 with a DJ, Kona Ice, and bounce houses. It was held at the Prosper ISD Children’s Health Stadium to introduce the Prosper tradition of beam signing to upcoming Walnut Grove students. Four beams were set around the outside of the stadium for student and parent signing. Once the school is completed, the same beams will be used to support the arena area.

“I’m excited to start a new legacy at WG; both nerve-racking and exciting,” said junior at Prosper High School, Olivia Havens. “There’s going to be people from all over, like PHS and RHHS, so I won’t be starting totally fresh. Some of my friends are going as well.”

Walnut Grove’s first ever spirit wear was sold in stands. Those who weren’t able to attend the event can still purchase the same apparel online through Prosper’s social media platforms. Here is an Instagram post from @rockhill_bluehawks that will lead to that link. A number of construction hats were also distributed by Pogue Construction.

“The next event we have will be a meet and greet with any staff who are coming to Walnut Grove. That will be toward the end of January,” current Rock Hill principal, Dustin Toth said.

To end the event, families that came to sign the beam started leaving at 7:30 p.m. Saying their goodbyes to some of the future school board staff, Dustin Toth and secretary Erin Jones.

“I had such a great experience opening Rock Hill that I’m excited to be able to do it again with Walnut Grove but I’m also sad to leave RHHS because it’s such an awesome place,” Toth said.