What should you get for lunch?
Let’s taco ’bout it

Student columnist reviews school’s taco line


Wesley Barrett

Senior Shaun Nganga orders his lunch at the taco line. “The only reason I would advise any of you guys to come and eat,” cafeteria worker Maria Romo said. “Is because of the Mexican delicious food we make daily fresh.”

Wesley Barrett, Columnist

Given the various new eatery options we have at the school, you’d be forgiven for not trying every one.

But if you found out how good the Rock Hill Burrito Co. was, you wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself.

The Rock Hill Burrito Co., also known colloquially as simply “The Taco Line,” is by far the best dining location. Not only does this apply to the shear quality of the food, but the entirety of the experience, for a few reasons.

First, the taco line has the best tasting food in the cafeteria. Second, it’s mega cost effective. And third, the line itself is a joy to be in.

1. Let’s set things straight. The taco line slaps. Hard.

Everything at this location is customizable, and that’s the beauty of the line. Whether you like beef or chicken, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce or none of the above, there is a taco line permutation that suits you perfectly.

Sure, other lines give you some choice, and the sandwich line even gives you some customization as well, but their synergies just don’t compare. The exquisite mix of the divine meat, the crunchy lettuce, all marinated to perfection in quaso, means that every bite is a round trip plane ticket to Flavortown.

Not to mention that you get all this goodness in whatever package you’d like.

Burritos? Yep.

Nachos? Definitely.

Taco? Hard and soft.

Bowl? I don’t know why, but they have that too!

There is enough customization to meet everyone’s most basic human desire of eating tacos, making every combo literally perfect.

2. You get the most bang for your buck.

For $3, you get your choice of two tacos, nachos, or a burrito.

Keep in mind though, they really stuff those meals. Just with the entree, you are 100% getting your money’s worth, easy. Get this, you don’t just get the entree though, you also get a drink.

This “Eagle Combo” single handedly elevates your transaction from culinarily responsible to financially responsible.  The low cost means that your MySchoolsBucks account certainly won’t regret eating there either.

3. The taco line itself is an experience.

First off, this whole taco thing is apparently a secret or something, because no one goes to the line.

The fact that it is surrounded by high profile lines such as Chick-Fil-A, and even directly adjacent to Sonic, means that the taco line receives little traffic.

Now while this pains me to see so many suffer through missing such a treat, it also means that your wait time is set to be drastically shorter than almost any other line. This means that getting in this line maximizes your lunch period.

Second, I would be remiss if I did not mention Ms. Romo. From day one, I’ve been referred to as one thing and one thing only: mijo (which means “my son” in Spanish). Ms. Romo is representative of a deeper connection that you’ll find in the taco line. One that is unique to the taco line. One that, in times like this, we could all use.

Plus, the tacos smack, so it’s a total win.

So do yourself a favor, and go to this line- it’s the taco of the town. That’s a wrap.