RHR Morning Show 09/13/22 Homecoming Week


Graphic art created for Rock Hill Radio morning show. RHR airs Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am on the Rock Hill Radio Station.

Zoey Wilcox, Aiden Brackens, and RJ Ruzicka

Title: Rock Hill Radio Morning Show

Episode # 4

Dated Aired: 09/13/2022

Producer: Rock Hill Radio

Advisor: Taylor Mersmann

Script Editor: Zoey Wilcox

Editor: Zoey Wilcox & Aiden Brackens

Hosts: Aiden Brackens, Zoey Wilcox & RJ Ruzicka

Brief Episode summary: In this episode hosts of the morning show talk about upcoming weather, campus news, and news in the music industry. Giving important information about upcoming events from the homecoming dress up days to the Hollywood on the Hill Dance!

Key points:

  • Muggy weather expected this week with highs in the 90’s all week
  • Homecoming Week on the hill
  • Dress Up days \/
  1. Monday: Adam Sandler day
  2. Tuesday:  Fraternity & Sorority day
  3. Wednesday: Anything but a Backpack Day
  4. Thursday: BBQ Dads VS. Soccer Moms
  5. Friday: Color Wars (Seniors white or decorated denim, juniors blue, Sophomores Gray and Freshman black)
  • Shane Hawkins, Taylor Hawkins 16 year old son gives a breath taking performance of the foo fighters song “My Hero” taking his fathers place on drums at the Remembrance concert held on September 3rd. Along with the number of award winning acts that performed in memory of the drummer this event helped those around the world to grieve the loss of an amazing drummer.

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