Is there a quarterback controversy in Dallas?


Meghana Kakani

Cooper Rush looks to get his fifth win against the Los Angeles Rams. Is there a chance he can take the starting job from Dak? A digitally constructed image is shown above; photo via Chris Hunkeler on Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license.

Junwoo Kim, Reporter

After a historic 4-0 start, Cooper Rush has helped the Cowboys win every week. Due to this, comments and statements about Dak Prescott, the starting quarterback of the Cowboys who broke his thumb, potentially losing the starting job have surfaced.

The Dallas Cowboys will prepare for their game next week against the Los Angeles Rams, but Dak’s return date is still unknown. According to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, Cooper Rush is still expected to play, but Dak’s return is in question. So is this possibly a quarterback controversy?

In week one, Dak expected to miss 6-8 weeks, but Jerry Jones had some exciting things to say about his return. On his weekly appearance on the KRLD Radio show, Jones said Dak would not be put on IR (Injured Reserve list), meaning he will remain a consideration for playing in the next four games. Cooper Rush is likely to keep playing for Dak while he is out.

This injury also stirred controversy. Jerry spoke to reporters and welcomed a quarterback conflict, referring to Dak Prescott replacing Tony Romo.

“Of course I want it,” Jones said, per The Athletic. When asked if he believes Cooper Rush could lead the team into victory, he said, “Yes, I do. I think that’s possible.” The possibility of Dak Prescott getting replaced is low, but it is certainly possible.

Junior Tyler Sword thinks it’s too early to go on with Cooper Rush.

“He’s been winning games,” Sword said. “I think we have the potential to win with Cooper Rush, [but] I don’t necessarily think that Cooper Rush is the piece that puts it all together.”

Sword sees Rush as an interesting choice for Cowboy’s quarterback.

“It’s still too early to tell with him, but I think we could win with Cooper Rush,” Sword said.

Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, disagreed with Jerry Jones’s statements. In a press conference, reporters asked McCarthy if he would welcome a quarterback controversy.

“Like anything, you look at the whole thing. It’s about winning,” McCarthy said. “That’s all we care about.”

McCarthy disagrees with Jerry Jones because he wants to keep Dak as his quarterback but agrees with Jones on the quarterback dilemma.

“I think you need to be able to decipher between GM Jerry and owner Jerry,” McCarthy said.

As the Dallas Cowboys prepare for next week’s game against the Los Angeles Rams, it remains unsure if Dak will or will not return from injury. Of course, it all depends on whether Dak is ready to play.

The Cowboys are currently eyeing a speedy recovery. The Cowboys want Dak in complete condition to perform at the highest level possible.

The Cowboys are still looking for a solution at quarterback. His return depends on whether he can grip the ball. As of right now, he looks to return against the Philidelphia Eagles.