Tie Up the Texans pep rally kickstarts the fall season

Ananya Nandyala, Reporter

On Friday, Aug. 26, Rock Hill High School hosted the ‘Tie up the Texans” pep rally to get the student body spirited for the first football game of the year. The pep rally was held in the arena during advisory, and students sat in their designated class sections.

The varsity football team versed Justin Northwest High school at the Children’s Health Stadium, where RHHS lost 14-44. Rock Hill’s next game will be on Friday, Sept. 2, against Keller Timber Creek High School at the Children’s Health Stadium.

At the pep rally and game, students were encouraged to wear either western attire or pink and teal in honor of Haylee Grace Alexander, a PHS cheerleader who suffered from a brain injury. Prosper community members have started selling ‘Haylee Strong’ t-shirts to raise proceeds for Alexander’s family.