Flip The Script: Marvel Studios Black Panther

Zoey Wilcox, RJ Ruzicka, and Aiden Brackens

Flip The Script: Marvel Studios Black Panther

Episode: #1

Dated Aired: 3/24/2022

Producer: Rock Hill Radio

Advisor: Taylor Mersmann

Script Editor: Zoey Wilcox

Editor: RJ Ruzicka, Zoey Wilcox

Guests & Hosts: Zoey Wilcox, Aiden Brackens, RJ Ruzicka

Episode summary: In this episode of Flip The Script, we go behind the scenes of Marvel Studios Black Panther, learning some important things about Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman and discussing the plot of the film.

Serious summary: In this series, we break down various popular movies to break down the actors and storyline behind them.

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